Dave Traut

Dave Traut

Episode 006 – Dave Traut

Dave Traut is a graphics operator and director based in Milwaukee, WI. On this episode of Behind The Camera, we talk Zambrano’s no-hitter, the Blackhawks raising the banner in 2010 and Dave’s first experience working Curling.

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/W_6JJfkgZIM

Notes from the Show

2010 Blackhawks and the Mystery Puck
ESPN Story

The melt is a consolidated clip that has all the most important highlights from a game.

QKT Number
In a sports broadcast, the Audio Engineer sets up a feed of the audio board that goes over a traditional phone line as an emergency backup.

Shore Power
This is a nickname for power that is provided by the venue. Its name originates from the shore power hookups that ships use while in dock.

SID – Sports Information Director

Vin Scully

Zambrano No-Hitter
Watch End Highlights