Mike “Buddah” Novak

Mike Novak

Episode 010 – Mike “Buddah” Novak

Mike Novak is a camera operator based in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. He has worked everything from the World Series to Presidential Inaugurations. On this episode, we discuss his beginnings at St Cloud state through working the state funeral of George HW Bush.

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/hAIV1uqcTGA

Notes from the Show

2002 Minnesota vs Maine College Hockey Championship

Derek Rose Career High Game With Timberwolves

Interstate 35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis
Local News Report
Minnesota Public Radio Article

Minnesota Twins turn 2 Triple Plays in 2 weeks

Minnesota Wild

President George HW Bush State Funeral
Times of Israel Article

Senator Dole Stands to Salute President Bush

St Cloud State
School Website