About the Project

On March 12, 2020 every show I had booked for the following 60 days was cancelled and I found myself unemployed for the first time in my career. The COVID-19 pandemic had effectively shut down my entire industry and pretty much every Sports Television freelancer was out of a gig and confined to their homes.

Everyone watching the game at home knows the announcers, but for every broadcast team you hear on the air, there are as many as 100 or more technicians and production personnel working to put the images, replays, graphics, etc on the air for these broadcasters to bring to life.

Every traveling production crew becomes like a family and we tend to sit around the restaurant or bar table reminiscing about our careers and telling our war stories. For years I’ve thought how fun it would be to let the public behind the curtain to hear some of these hilarious stories and feature the numerous people no one ever gets to meet. The difficulty has always been that we are all so busy creating television, there is never the time to do it. While the pandemic put all of out of work, it also locked us all into our homes with nothing to do so I thought it would finally be the time to try.

Your Host

Eric Falkner (aka Uncle Jesse)

I am a freelance Director, EVS Operator and Technical Director who lives in the Phoenix metro area. I am a Cali boy who started my TV career in Fargo, ND and transitioned to freelance sports while living in Nashville, TN. I have worked everything from the football to eSports and have worked with many wonderful personnel over the years.

I was given the nickname “Uncle Jesse” by a wonderful colleague on my College Football crew many years ago, but that is a story for another day. When I am not running my company or flying all over the place doing television, I play the guitar, write music, do strengths coaching, and I am working on my second novel.

For more about me and my career, visit my website www.ericfalkner.com

Eric Falkner