Mitch Riggin

Episode 003 – Mitch Riggin

Mitch Riggin is a freelance director who currently works directs Angels games and College Football. He started as a Technical Director and eventually worked postseason baseball switching for Bill Webb. He has directed for 3 different RSNs as well as Fox Sports.

In the third episode of Behind The Camera, Mitch shares his experiences with Bill Webb, NFL Europe, 3 different RSNs, and directing his first postseason baseball.

Watch the episode here:

Notes from the Show

Skaggs No-hitter
MLB Game Highlights
USA Today Article

All-Star game flash that wasn’t
YouTube of Game

A DVE is a device used by the TD that allows advanced manipulation of video sources. They are used for split screens and other effects by the TD.

Flashback Package
Package is truck vernacular for a highlight video edited together that is played back by the tape department. A flashback is a specific kind of package that refers to highlights from a prior game.

GPI Pulse
A GPI pulse in an electrical signal that a device generates to make another device activate. In split broadcast situations, often the primary show uses a GPI pulse to trigger a replay effect on all secondary broadcasts so the replays line up.

Runners help production with copies, providing snacks and water to the crews, and any other odd tasks needed during the broadcast.

Stage Manager
The SMs are in charge of managing the sets and booths during a broadcast. They hand cards to announcers, manage guests and their headsets and anything else required to make sure the on air personalities can do their job effectively.

TD is an abbreviation for Technical Director. The TD is responsible for the video switcher that puts the signals to air. The Director calls for changes and the TD physically punches the buttons to make it happen.

Utilities / Grips
Utilities provide assistance to camera operators and lighting during set up as well as managing cables for hand held cameras.

A effect done in the switcher other than a dissolve that changes two sources. In this case, a vertical wipe is a vertical line that goes from left to right across the screen to transition from the old footage to the live shot.