Judd Mazur

Judd Mazur

Episode 004 – Judd Mazur

Judd Mazur is a camera operator based in Phoenix Arizona. He has worked everything from Regional Sports to America Ninja Warrior to the CFB National Championship.

On this episode, we talk ANW, College Football, the Vancouver Olympics and other great memories in his great professional career.

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/Yb0MCEnWw_Q

Notes from the Show

AMW – Isaac Caldiero
Winning Climb

Hand Held
The hand held camera is a system where the operator carries the camera on their shoulder without a tripod.

Isoing a person
In television, iso mean to just shoot one person or a group of people rather than following the play of the game.

Wide Angle 4.7 (type of lens)

2010 Vancouver Olympics Men’s Hockey final
Highlights of the game